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i live, eat and sleep photography.  just ask my friends.  i talk about it way too much and am that dork at parties that will corner you if you happen to mention you got a Canon for your birthday.  photography is my passion and i’ll talk to anyone about it any time anywhere if i sense they have the slightest bit of interest.  for this reason, i love teaching.

periodically throughout the year i offer beginner photography workshops.   while the general principles of photography are rather simple, added together and put in motion, things can get confusing rather quickly . my workshops are designed to go over all of the basics you need to get started taking better photos.  keep in mind, you are NOT going to walk out of here an expert.  you will continue to take some pretty rotten photos (and if you can keep a secret, i still do too), but my goal is to give you the basic information and understanding to be able to look at those horrible blurry photos and figure out what you did, why it happened and exactly what you can do the next time to make it a killer shot.  only with the basic knowledge and then practice can you improve.

what you’ll learn:

-a tour of your camera and all of it’s mysterious settings
-a little geeky gear talk and an explaination of those crazy numbers on your lenses
-exposure and the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO
-focusing methods
-controlling motion (how to take non-blurry photos of your kids)
-an introduction to depth of field

how: the workshops are a pretty casual and interactive affair.  i have written materials to go over with you to explain the basics, and then we go run around and practice practice practice.  i do my best to repeat everything in different ways to help concepts sink in and provide activities so you can apply what you’ve learned, and so that you also have images to take home and learn from. and as with everything i do, i try to make it FUN.

when: talk to me, and we’ll figure out a good day. workshops generally run about 5 hours, but we go as quickly or as long as you need.  the list above is pretty short and sounds simple, but believe me, it’s a ton of information.  ideally these workshops would be split into two days, but i can’t seem to convince people that this would be far more beneficial, so for now it’s all in one shot.

where: parks are great places and i usually suggest balboa park.  we have some shelter in case the weather is crummy and obviously there are tons of places to romp around.

what you need:

-a computer with photo viewing software and a working knowledge of how to upload and view your photos so that you can review your own work once you’ve gotten home and learn from it.

-a digital SLR (sorry, no point and shoots), lens, memory card.  i know my way around canons and nikons but the general principles of photography apply to any camera you bring.  regardless of the make of your camera, you should bring your owner’s manual.

please note this is a beginner workshop, not a workshop for someone interested in getting into wedding or portrait photography.  you have to walk, stumble, crawl and get back up before you can run (or shoot someone’s wedding).

by kim seidl

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